After the first two days of many sessions and events, post-conference workshops are a chance to dive-deep on a select topics led by some of the brightest in our industry.

Select from supercharging your Sass into your workflow; add powerful testing suites with visual regression; or bring clarity with your code with Jonathan Snook’s SMACSS Workshop. And, to make sure you don’t learn on an empty stomach, workshop registrations come with breakfast and lunch included.

SMACSS Workshop

SMACSS Workshop

The SMACSS Workshop by Jonathan Snook is a full day of instruction and exercises on writing HTML and CSS using a flexible and modular approach that will improve team efficiency and minimize problems with growing projects.

Have you ever added !important or added an extra selector just to get something to style properly? Have you found yourself adding more properties to override properties you already set elsewhere in your CSS? Does inspecting an element in Firebug or Web Inspector reveal a long stream of styles being applied, overridden, and reapplied? Then this workshop is for you.

Do you work on larger projects? Do you work with larger teams? Then this workshop is for you.

You need not have played with the latest and greatest CSS3 and know what a vendor prefix is. You will need to know a selector from a property and have a general understanding of CSS-based layouts.

This workshop will shift how you think about writing CSS that will simplify your code, make your project easier to manage, and allow it to grow without creating an increasingly brittle system of dependencies. Your code will also be more portable, making it easier to use code on other projects.

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Supercharging Your Sass Workshop

Mina Sass Workshop

Do you want to get up to speed with Sass and improve your web workflow? In this workshop hosted by Mina Markham, we get you up and running with a Sass compiler on your own machine with Ruby and Grunt.js.

After starting with basic Sass features, we will work towards creating your very own Sassy development ecosystem that includes enhancing your browser’s code inspector for Sass and writing your own custom Sass functions.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up local developer environment on your laptop
  • Differentiate Sass vs. SCSS syntax
  • Use Sass variables for CSS
  • Quickly write media queries for RWD
  • Use nesting, mixins, extend, and placeholders
  • Explore advanced Sass: functions, conditionals, loops & maps
  • Build modular CSS with SMACSS
  • Add onto Sass with open source libraries & tools like Compass and Susy

After this workshop, you’ll know why Sass makes CSS fun again!

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Up and Running with Visual Regression Testing Workshop

Micah Godbolt Workshop

In this workshop led by Micah Godbolt and Kevin Lamping, you’ll ensure your site is looking and functioning exactly like expected during the development process.

You will learn how to:

  • Use your style guide during the development process.
  • Keep on top of breaks in your designs as they happen during development.
  • Automate testing of code changes in component based designs.
  • Add this visual regression technique to new projects and speed up old project workflows.

Pre-requisites for this workshop include:

  • Simple command line usage (YouTube Refresher)
  • Understanding of basic JavaScript such as variables, functions, etc.

Note: If you ever find yourself over your head, code examples will be available to download to review later!

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